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Access Technologies specializes in designing microwave Wireless communication systems. We provide applications that support connecting remote offices to a main facility or deploying a mesh network. We provide end-to-end solutions that integrate Wireless with any other network technologies- and then manage and monitor your entire IT network remotely. Turn to Access Technologies for Industrial Strength Wireless equipment as your wireless solution to keep your business connected.

»Access Technologies has been a full service provider of GE Digital Energy-MDS® Wireless products and services since 2002.  Visit our Wireless Product Page

Our Wireless Network Engineers are experienced in all the latest Wireless products and services, including:

  • Broadband (Networking, WIMAX, Unlicensed and Licensed)
  • Microwave (Licensed and Unlicensed)
  • SCADA (Narrowband Point to Multi-Point)

Access Technologies' complete Wireless Services involve Wireless Network planning, design, and deployment. We provide expert services in the selection of data platforms, instrumentation, and RF transport systems appropriate for your budget. We can provide assistance and supervision of the Wireless system integration, including: licensing, installation, characterization, path analysis, and commissioning of your system.

Turn to Access Technologies for complete wireless equipment, wireless system networking, services, and solutions for your business.

NED Managed Services

NED Managed Services and IT Support logoWhy manage your Wireless and other technologies separately? Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT+ network monitoring, alerting, and reporting services through NED- our exclusive remote management system. You can count on NED to manage any technology on your IT network 24/7.

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